Carol Bidault de l’Isle

Carol Bidault de l’Isle is an award winning producer, specialized in international motion picture/television financing, distribution, media asset acquisition and management. She brings with her 30 years of industry experience in the United States, Europe and Latin America. In 2010, Ms. Bidault moved to New Orleans, Louisiana to open the new headquarters of MediaFusion Entertainment, LLC and is currently in various stages of production on over 12 feature films, videos, documentaries.

Her recent clients and projects have included: “Aha Channel” with a catalogue of 1000 titles; Auditor for banks and investors of motion picture productions in Louisiana; Buyer of films and television programs for the Chinese market; Advisor to Washington, DC Independent Film Festival & Market, European Union’s MEDIA program, Organization of American States, and Inter-American Development Bank.

Ms. Bidault began her career in script development working for the major film studios – Columbia, MGM and Paramount in Los Angeles. She then worked with renowned independent producers and filmmakers, such as Dino de Laurentiis, Federico Fellini and Sergio Leone; and then branched into distribution and international sales for Vestron, New World and Lorimar Studios. In 1988, she moved to Paris, France where she worked as a finance and distribution consultant for the European Union/France MEDIA Program for 7 years, responsible for over the gap financing of over 100 productions in Europe. In early 1995, she moved back to the United States, working for France Telecom in New York, then Discovery Communications (DCI) Washington, DC, as a Media Asset Management consultant for 5 years. In 2000, she left DCI and founded MediaFusion Entertainment, which spawned such programs as: Cultural Assets; Washington, DC Independent Film Festival and Market; Cine Latino, Latin American Film Conference at the Organization of American States; American Film Institute’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Showcase (MARS), Filmmakers on Capitol Hill; and seminars and conferences, including the European Roundtable on International Film Distribution for MEDIA Salles (Italy) in Washington, DC. Born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Ms. Bidault grew up in Los Angeles, graduating high school from Westlake School for Girls; earned her Bachelor’s degree from UCLA in Political Science, performed research for her Master’s degree in Paris at l’Institut des Etudes Politiques and La Sorbonne IV. She is fluent in four languages: English, French, Spanish and Italian; and is a dual citizen of the United States and European Union.

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