Grand Bradley

Grant has spent more than 26 years in the film industry mainly as an independent producer/owner of Impact Television and Daybreak Pacific in New Zealand, and most recently as Joint CEO/Producer of Queensland’s most prolific feature film production company, Limelight International Media Entertainment (based in Brisbane). In 2012 Grant established a UK operation for Limelight (trading as Aristos Films) as well as setting up Silver Lining Innovative Management to raise production funding via the Enterprise Investment Scheme.

Grant has raised more than $200M in film financing and has over 40 film credits. Grant’s productions have included films shot in New Zealand, UK, Canada, Australia, Russia, France, Germany and the USA. Grant has worked with a number of the major lending banks in the industry including Imperial Bank, Comerica Bank, Bank of Ireland, LHO, National California Bank and Ingenious (amoung others) and has consulted to producers around the world on film financing.

Grant has raised equity with several public offerings, private placements, international banks, international film funds, and government funding agencies as well as negotiating presales, minimum guarantees and international co-productions. As a producer, Grant has first-hand experience and knoweldge of all aspects of producing, including films with budgets ranging from $3M-$5M, extensive knowledge of business affairs and film legal contracts, as well as financing and production cost reporting and production accounting.

Film production experience has included working with Academy Award winning actors Cuba Gooding Jr, Palm d’Or winner Roland Joffe, and legendary stars like Joan Collins and David Hasselhoff, as well as internationally acclaimed actors Josh Harnett and Ray Liotta.

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